Groundwork Coaching

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AFL Coaching Drills & AFL Training Drills for Coaches and Players

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Groundwork is designed to support coaches and players by providing a productive learning pathway based on stages of development

Coaching Resources

Groundwork coaching has mastered the art of conducting AFL drills in a fun and innovative manner with our AFL training resources. Learn all about AFL drills, game preparation activities and strength building strategies.

Player Resources

The Winning Edge is a Comprehensive Players’ Book designed to Enhance Individual Performance. It provides players with the knowledge and skills to practice away from the main formal training sessions with limited numbers and resources.

The Winning Edge

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What is Groundwork?

Groundwork Coaching provides a comprehensive football program,  comprised of AFL coaching drills,  AFL training drills and AFL training programs. These resources cover the whole spectrum of a child's development ranging from 5 – 18 years and beyond. The AFL training drills are designed to personalise the learning by playing an important and active role in a child's development,  both on and off the field. The AFL training & coaching resources support the teaching,  coaching and mentoring required for both players and coaches. It is a complete all in one training program that will assist you to be the best coach or player you can be by creating a structured,  supportive,  engaging learning environment where the ultimate goal is player development and improving outcomes for players and coaches.

Don't take our word for it

"Groundwork Coaching has been able to identify and outline the specifics required for coaches along the continuum of learning. This resource understands the importance of the developmental stages of children and works within these stages to provide appropriate coaching strategies."

Steve Moneghetti - Olympian

"I have found Groundwork Coaching (Perfecting Stage) to be a fantastic resource for game style drills and helped in the development of not only younger players (17 -21year olds), but also helped in developing experienced senior players. Football requires players to think through a game. Groundwork Coaching has brought game sense training to a new level for the Redan Football Club."

Eamonn Gill - Redan Football Club Senior Coach

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